Intro: Chicago Overview. Welcome Welcome !

13 Sep

I traveled to Chicago around 7:00 am in the morning with a  another friend who is not from STA 112 class. She was always wishing to go to Chicago and see museums and arts published there, and I think this was a good opportunity for both of us to visit. The opportunity has come as my class assignment and I was very excited to visit Chicago and explore it! I have been to Chicago for like 6 times or more and so I was pretty familiarized with Chicago streets and places, but still even I was familiarized with the places, Chicago felt like a new place to be all the time.

I felt Chicago as my hometown; Korea because all the tall buildings and the busy and crowded street. Another thing I felt it is as my hometown is because how people are dressed up. First, I like the busy going all over Chicago downtown; people waking with  fancy coats, fancy boots, fancy bags. Most people wearing sunglasses, and no “Northface” clothing, I would say because to be honest, I’ve seen thousands of Northface dresscoats in Lansing, but in Chicago is very different starting with the dresscoat. Chicagoker wears coats instead of Northface jackets, and Chicagokers wear fashionista boots instead of UGG boots. Of course, they are not 100% all of them, but most Chicago people cares about Fashion! That is something interesting to think about when I was in Chicago this time. Korea is also a place where Fashion is highly cared and important. Another places like Chicago I would say is New York City or Los Angeles!

Chicago is full of Art!. Just by the buildings that are viewed coming towards downtown area, isn’t that a beauty? Not just tall simple buildings but very architectural and well desgined.  The architecture in Chicago is just so amazing!

While I was in Chicago I visited several boutiques, museums, public art which is all over Chicago actually, and fabric stores, which I did instead of galleries and art stores! The photos I will post in my blog are pictures that I took and I thought it was pretty interesting to see them, because it was the first time visiting places like actual boutiques, and there was a lot of things going that I never knew before, and also some sketches while I was at the Millenium Park catching some breath after the long walk.

My experience is definitely not going to be end here, if someday I get the chance to go back to Chicago or maybe someday other place I will definitely post them all here so  for now feel free to stalk over my blog and explore pictures and read over my experience in Chicago!